Our Mission is to bring sweet endulgence to your next celebration. Our goal is to prepare Exclusive Gourmet Creations.

Although we have a menu of popular desserts, we will work with you to design desserts and cakes that reflect your personal style and taste.

From Red Velvet cake with sweet cream cheese frosting to 7-up pound cake, edible handbags, chocolate shoes and other southern favorites, we are sure to have a sweet design just for you. We provide sweet treats that are not only beautiful but flavorful and organic. If you need a sweet ending to an elegant five course meal wedding reception or an intimate dinner for two, let us design the perfect dessert just for you!

Our desserts have been described as "gourmet organic." Webster defines gourmet organic [goo r-mey or-gan'ik] as a connoisseur of fine food and drink; epicure; Simple, healthful, and close to nature void of synthetic chemicals. We use the freshest all-natural ingredients from around the world to prepare our desserts and often feature treasured McGhee family recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation.

Featured Dessert

Cake Crumb Sundaes

Cake you eat with a spoon!!

A Cake Crumb Sundae is pieces of moist cake with assorted fillings, toppings and frosting.  Our sundaes are kept in the freezer but eaten at room temperature with a spoon!

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